Finding Happiness in Busy Life

It was a bitter pill to swallow, the moment I realized I was in control of my time and the business I had created.

I felt that I was the victim of time, at the whim of tasks and responsibilities for the happiness of others.

I was stressed, rushed, tired and unhappy. The fun activities were a drag and I lost the ability to relax and be happy in the moment. This awareness was soaked in guilt, for my children who were dragged through the crazy journey.

So here is what I did to gain calm and manageability back in my life:

1.Decreased social media use
2.Stopped multitasking
3.Reduced kids extra curriculum
4.Created a healthy daily routine
5.Learnt to say ‘no’ to others and myself
6.Practiced being present
7.Enjoyed the small things
8.Gratitude list every morning
9.Backed off myself
10.Let go of other people’s stuff
I now check in regularly to see how I am travelling and adjust as needed. I remind myself that I am setting the scene, mood and pace for my life and my family’s and I want that to be positive, calm, happy and enriching.

I am not perfect but I feel so much better these days for accepting that I am in control of my happiness in a busy world.

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